Who we are

Our most important task is to meet the needs of the user, as easily and simply as possible

Who we are

Our most important task is to meet the needs of the user, as easily and simply as possible

We are user interface specialists

We work for demanding clients who set the bar high, and the projects often place exceptional demands on integration and logistics. But even though our tasks are very different, all digital solutions have one thing in common. They have a user interface. Ease of use is crucial to success!

In one sentence, we are first and foremost user interface specialists. Everything we do is based on designing and building user interfaces that combine goals and usability in the best possible way. We deliver the most intuitive solutions with the user in the center of the stage.

Ease of use is crucial to success

360 View

How to engage users is, of course, different from project to project and the nature of the solution. We, however, are aware that user focus is a full-time job. It usually takes more than just focusing on and building the user interface. The user must be guided and preferably kept away from performance issues, incomprehensible error messages or digital surprises.

From planning and design to development and execution

It goes without saying that an important prerequisite for a good user interface is smooth performance. CPH Cloud is based on a proud tradition of experienced in-house developers who, in close collaboration with UX and design, bring the solutions to life. Our collaborating skills with the clients IT department or other stakeholders are outstanding and we have extensive experience integrating solutions within our clients’ businesses.


CPH Cloud Company is founded and owned by Anders Hjarnaa and Jørgen Juul. We have roots in Denmark’s first web agency Juul & Stejle. In 2007 we became part of Hello Group. Anders and Jørgen founded CPH Cloud Company in 2010 and nowadays we work for clients Novo Nordisk, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC), Fritz Hansen, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA), Danish Business Academies, Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (DLI) and The Royal Danish Collection (DKKS) at Rosenborg and Amalienborg.