ICE - Intelligent Content Extraction

Relevant content is the key to success. The recipe for good content is based on data, insights or other content from different sources. This is not new. But times are changing.



Automating the process of how content and data are put to use in your company can both save human
resources and create additional values and business in the process of smart collection and refining of the data.



Relevant content is harvested from the internet and passed on to a sophisticated refinery that automatically
validate, sort and prioritise data before they are put to use. Not only does the automation save resources – it
also opens entirely new possibilities to enrich and combine data.



The ICE approach is customised to each purpose. Robots are programmed to visit given locations, and their
behaviours are specifically targeted to their assignments. The refinery is customised to deliver the best possible
output. The process can use different relevant automation technologies, algorithms or AI/machine learning.

Extracting content from the internet

Using web crawlers can be a good and uncomplicated approach to harvesting content from the internet. Sometimes it can even make sense to crawl your own data as a
workaround that avoids the need to establish a complex data integration between your systems.

With more sophisticated robotics technology, it has become easier to orchestrate the extraction of a diverse range of data from various online sources. Robots can be set up to manage complex interactions automatically and notify you about critical issues, broken sources or unexpected data output.

Time-saving processes to prepare the content for use

Validation is important to ensure that you end up with a structured and reliable data set. The process can be anything from simple checks and filtering to more complex
AI processes that can identify the relevance of content or language issues.

The processed data are now ready for further use. They can form the basis for human processing or be further refined using AI and machine learning. The data may be used to create new content and products or to produce in-depth reports and new insights.

The Sky is the limit

Refining the content using efficient AI and machine learning techniques opens up limitless opportunities. Combining data in new ways or pairing content with cloud services can be the foundation for entirely new business models or for enhancing existing products.

Intelligent content extraction can be used as a time-saving tactic, allowing you to leverage quality content from other creators. It makes it possible to find and share relevant content that your audiences will appreciate and to keep your content stream fresh and relevant.


Case: Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

CPAC’s Prevention Policy Directory provides access to relevant information and evidence from current Canadian policies across different jurisdictions. It uses robots to monitor 25,000 documents at 300 locations and is continuously updated as organizations release new evidence. Read more: